mass operations

mass / mas/ n.

1. A body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and often of considerable size.

operations / ope're(e)ns / n.

1. A process or series of acts involved in a particular form of work.


Following a 5 year collaboration with the Pritzker winning architect Rem Koolhaas of OMA from their Hong Kong offices, MASS OPERATIONS is established formally in January 2015 by Viviano Villareal-Bueron.


Our name refers to our unique design process. From small scale to large, we approach our projects through a series of precise operations which when applied to a mass generate architecture.

By focusing on the right questions, we use our design process as a tool for solving problems and creating opportunities. We tackle every project through the core principles of innovation, efficiency and aesthetics. Guided by these principles we strides to bridge the gap between conceptualization and realization, searching for new concepts that result in simple yet strong operations that shape space.

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